Cambridge English Penfriends


El projecte Cambridge English Penfriends ajuda als estudiants a fer amics amb altres estudiants d’anglès d’altres paisos del món a través d’una nova i divertida activitat anomenada “Penfriends“.

Els estudiants dissenyen i comparteixen targetes amb els estudiants d’una escola en un altre país. Les targetes estan basades en un tema. Cada cert temps treballem en un tema diferent. Actualment estem treballant el tema “The place where I live”.

Welcome to Cambridge English Penfriends

We are very pleased that our school has recently joined Cambridge English Penfriends – an international activity that makes able a conection between students and teachers all around the world!

Our students are making and creating cards with pupils at a school in another country. Nowadays, we are working on the theme – Where I live.


We believe our students should learn English in a practical, funny and communicative way, having the opportunity to practise what they are learning.

Through this activity, we hope that our students will have fun making new friends and developing their English language skills.

You can visit the website  so you can check the cards and rate the designs you like best!

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